Semi-Weekly Reflection Prompts

Week 2:

  1. What kind of self-reflection experiences did you have in your freshman English
    class? What have you learned (related to self-reflection or writing in general) that
    has stayed with you and supported your writing?


    • My writing wasn’t the best in my freshman English class. I will do a writing essay and always get feedback on how I could be more specific about the essay’s purpose. It was a really difficult situation for me because I just didn’t know how to put words into paper the way I wanted them to but as the course went on I learned how to do things step by step like first do an outline and then plan and structure it to a way I can describe and write more thorough and specific. I also learned how to create my portfolio with the work done throughout the semester which helped me a lot because, at the end of the course, I looked at all my work and saw the improvements in my writing structure, spelling, and grammar.


Week 3:

  1. Analyze the rhetorical situation of your Freshman Portfolio. For those few students
    who do not have one only: analyze the rhetorical situation of your Freshman English
    research paper/project


    • The work in my Freshman Portfolio is diverse. It contains a lot of drafts and peer reviews done throughout the course. It demonstrates my writing and essays done by me. Every section in the portfolio has a first draft, peer review, and final draft column which contains the improvements and feedback made and given on each paper. Each paper has a different purpose, audience, and topic. It includes personal experiences, literary analysis, and psychology research. The purpose of the portfolio was to demonstrate the writing process throughout an essay and show my improvements made on each of them.


Week 4:

  1. Analyze the rhetorical situation of your Product Review essay.


    • My Product Review essay was aimed to wide range of audience due to being a product that is very much used and needed in every household throughout the world. It revolved around the internet which is something that everyone uses now a days. My product is something that is needed in order for internet to be accessible. My context included technological innovations about the product and monthly cost of use. This essay was different from my Freshman Portfolio essays because it was more technical and it made me talk about something that has a engineer purpose behind it instead of writing a analysis essay or a etc.



Week 5:

  1. What have we done so far that has been helpful to your writing process? How might you apply this helpful information or tool? What has been confusing/What would you like to spend more time on? If the clarification/additional focus does not occur during class time, how will you acquire the knowledge?


    • So far into the course I’ve noticed I pay a lot of attention to the feedback I receive from my peers. This helped me a lot with my previous Freshman course and I’m glad it is still helping me now. Their feedback helps me think outside the box while still being in the frame of the assignment. Although this has helped me a lot I have noticed I been getting confused about the assignments at the time they are given and explained. I been finding myself having to ask other peers because I sometimes don’t understand every component we have to do for each assignment. But no biggy, I still look forward to every each of them. I do need to put additional focus into the course outside the class like for ex: go to the writing center to get help on my writing assignments that way I can get help with my writing and the assignment too.


Week 6:/7

  1. To be completed after you have received feedback on your essay: Analyze the rhetorical situation of your Lab Report Analysis essay. Include textual detail to support your claims.

Week 8:

  1. How are you using the labor log? Is it working for you? If yes, for what purposes? If not, why? In either case, include at least one specific example.


    • I’ m using the labor logs to write down the struggle in my writing process and the steps I’ve taken while making each outline or draft. It has been working for me because it has helped me analyze my writing struggles and how I have improved them. For example: the process of making my outline and then creating that into a draft is not easy for me sometimes so it helps me analyze that writing struggle and work on it more.


Week 9:

  1. What experience have you had working in groups before this class? How has the group work we’ve done in this class been for you? What are you doing/will you do to optimize your experience completing the collaborative project for this class?


    • Before this class the only group experience I had was only presentation wise. What I mean by this is a group presented based on a topic and that was it, It is different than the collaborative project we are doing now. The group work we’ve done in class has been really helpful and has helped me grow a lot when working with peers. Also, since this project is different than presentations and group work I’ve done before this has helped me grow when working on a project with peers. To optimize my experience completing the collaborative project for this class I will look over at the work my group did as reference to how I can apply that to future projects.

Week 10:

  1. Analyze the rhetorical situation of your Technical Description. Include textual detail to support your claims.

Week 13:

  1. Select one learning objective or one component of a learning objective. When, where, and how have you learned it? How have you developed in this arena?


    • I chose to apply information in new situations because this has helped me the most in a lot of cases. I’ve learned to use information from other classes or previous work done to contribute to a on-going project. For example, for the collaborative project I applied the information I already knew of how a clock works and created a outline for our group to follow already.

Week 14:

  1. What have you learned that has proved most useful to your composition process?
    • The most useful thing I’ve learned for my composition process is developing a detailed outline with the specific order I want my paper or presentation to go at. Always creating a good outline has been the key for me not only in this class but in other classes as well.
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